Q: You tell us that elementary particles are connected as one, and they hate separation. Would you please talk more about it, MARTH?

MARTH: That’s right. Certainly, elementary particles are connected as one. Everything, including human beings, is made of elementary particles. Everything is consisted of the same elementary particles. Every molecule is a bundle of elementary particles. Therefore, the true quality of the universe is oneness. Oneness means love. This is the reason why I say this world is made of love. Every elementary particle is made of the same connected things. Every molecule is made of the elementary particles.

Molecules made of the unknown substances, which we call elementary particles with the quality of oneness, are all connected as one. Within such a circumstance, we say, “He is an enemy. He is the other. I hate him. I will attack him. I will steal from him.” This comes from the ego, born out of a sense of separation. Belief in separation was prevalent in the old science of separation. However, the quality of oneness is most important in quantum mechanics. You cannot talk about quantum mechanics, without ignoring it, without trying to convey it. What is most important in quantum mechanics is the quality of oneness. It is that everything is the one whole universe, made of the same things.

This is what we could call love. In other words, we could say that everything in the whole universe is like a dream of God.
However, humanity has had a separate view of the world, believed in separation, and learned it for a long time. There used to be many leaders of love in the past. They had been killed by the people who believed in conflicts out of a sense of separation and considered them to be inconvenient.

Leaders of love had been trying to convey that everything is connected as one and that everything is united, and have the quality of oneness at a level of elementary particles. If you believe in separation and live a life of the ego in the world of oneness, you will try to tell you that you should return to the true essence, to love, to the quality of oneness. Humanity has called it “Bachi (punishment)” since ancient times.

You try to awaken the true essence of the self, to return to children of heaven, to children of God, and you want to awaken as a part of the Creation. And you will live in brightness as children of the Creation, as children of the universe. You will live in beauty and sincerity as a public servant of the universe. You will live as the source of the Creation and as a part of it. You will protect the whole universe and everything in the world as a part of the universe itself and as its children. It is nothing but that you will live with everything connected as one; every people, every animal, every plant, every land as people to protect all the planets.

What kind of world will be realized if every child is born to the world with a purpose to create a beautiful dream of love together on this planet? However, things are not working as they are expected to be now. And in reality, everybody may feel he wants to return there, to the true essence deep inside him. I often hear people say they are devils, but they are wrong. There is no devil in the universe. Everything is made of elementary particles, connected as one. There are only children of God, not so, of love who don’t know it yet. Because of their sincerity, they will receive a message by themselves unless they live as such. This is proof that the true essence of a man is love.

It is most important for us to live with the love of oneness with all the people in the world. Otherwise, we will not achieve true success, true sustainable wealth, and prosperity in the world of oneness. It is because everyone is sincere, everyone is a child of heaven who has a beautiful heart within, and because of this, everyone will punish him for awakening him. He will try to awaken to the love, which is the true essence of himself. He will suffer deep inside with a hope to return to the true essence because it is natural. He may encourage him to return to the true essence.

It is wrong that you destroy others, rob them, and take them if they look others at a level of molecules. If you do so, all lives will give you an incredible punishment for awakening because you are love. You will create a great breakdown to awaken.
“Who? God?” No, you yourself will. Your true self will do so because of love. In the New Age, people called it the higher self, the true self in a higher dimension.

Q: In the New Age, people often appreciate enlightenment or awakening. I notice you sometimes deny such phenomenon. What do you think about it, MARTH?

Nothingness, awakening, and enlightenment are not that the ego becomes something special. That means you will return to the true essence, to the ocean of elementary particles. It is not something the ego becomes special. If the ego disappears, in other words, if you lose the ego, you will find there is no self. You will return to the original true essence when you end the ego.

The true essence in everyone is love. It is because the ocean of elementary particle is the one made of the same substances of oneness. It also means that everything in the entire universe is made of some material like a dream of God, of love, and that we are only a part of it. Therefore, however hard you boost the ego or protect it, everybody will be a part of the universe and just a public servant of love. Everybody and everything will be only a public servant of love in the entire universe. The ego neither becomes something, nor enlighten, nor awaken. It is nothing but that you will return to your true home of love, to the true essence only when you lose the ego, not so, when you realize there is no ego.

True sages have tried to convey this with such words as the end of the ego, No Mind, there is no self, and so on from the old times.