Mother Earth Smile

Mother Earth Smile HRM-0001
Natural Harp

Pure and innocent sounds of natural harp......

It is so simple, graceful and feminine and expresses the beauty of Nature in a fascinating manner.
Smile…. beautiful, fleeting and loving

With a theme of Mother Earth, this is a Healing Sound Series that strike a chord in the origin of our lives.
You will feel totally refreshed by listening to the gentle sound in a silent space.

The album title is "Smile", which heals us like an innocent smile of a little girl.
We often tend to lose our smiles in our stressful modern societies.
We wish all the animals, plants, adults and children will regain genuine smiles.

When we are connected to the mother earth with its vastness of the unknown and the mystery, we will find everlasting bliss.
That is because we are an unknown and the mysterious ourselves.

Mother Earth that created us… the great earth, that is the wish of Mother Earth.