Mother Earth Smile

Lei ~Lei na'ala~ Aloha nui loa HL-0001

The 1st album from Lei Series
With the crystal-like sound of the synthesizer, it will cleanse your body and mind.
Mind & Body Cleansing Sound

We’ve got a loving album of the body and mind cleansing sound from Hawaii, where gods of healing are said to dwell. The sound of the synthesizer with crystal-like brilliance and clarity seems to beautify your body and mind. Just like ripples on the surface of the water, the fresh and crystal-clear sound will resonate infinitely. Close your eyes slowly, and you will hear the voice of angels in your ears. Let you feel good and clear getting rid of depressed feelings.

You may have a good sleep if you listen to this album before bedtime as your end-of- the-day refreshing ritual. It will also bring you tremendous comfort for your relaxation yoga and meditation. Also good for maternity music as well.