Hawaii Healing Music…
Islands embraced by the beautiful oceans and mountains,
where birds and flowers play,
and the people respect nature’s cycle,
and love to live their lives.
All the things in nature become one in “Hawaiian Spirit”.

This is our original healing music
produced by MARTH sent from Hawaii,
which reminds us of the beautiful nature; the sky, the oceans, green
mountains, birds and flowers…
and sounds like an admiration and a gratitude of the Hawaiian gods to Nature.
Feelings of awe which the old Polynesians treasured
and joy, warmth, comfort, gentleness and cheerfulness
when one loves Nature are the hearts common to all the people who love
the oceans, the earth, nature.

For our artist, MARTH, also, Hawaii is a symbol of the people or of the
which reveres nature following the laws of nature.
Peaceful hearts which we find at such modest people
let us have a vision of the future community on our planet.
We even start to have a feeling that the beautiful world in tune with
nature may be coming soon.
We are happy to present you such beautiful hearts through music and art
entitled “Hawaii Healing”.

Composer and Producer for healing artists including Daniel Kobialka
“I don’t belong to anything within.
I am nothing, I am nobody.
Neither do I belong to any country nor any group, any religion,
any political group,
any psychological, and any philosophical society.
I will belong nowhere forever.
Neither born, therefore, nor die
as a part of the universe.
If I dare to say who I am,
I am nothing but an eternal public servant of the universe…
And everyone is a manifestation of the love of all things…”


Official web site http://www.marth-healing.com/