MARTH 1st Animation

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“Humanity did not know that this world is a world of oneness….”
This story will create the world of Love…

“A Promised Place – I want to see you there” was born to realize the truth.
It’s a love story between Takeru, a son of quantum mechanics doctor living in the modern age,
And Tina living in the world of love of the half-spiritual and half-material ten thousand years ago.
What is the answer which ancient people who studies problem of modern minds who met
the ultimate society of separation in 2022? What is the profound heart which make the earth
continue even now? The story was born as a guideline for humanity to oneness beyond time.

Sound truck

Performed by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra (CNSO)
at the Dvorak Hall, in Prague, the Czech, We will release the beautiful sound of the orchestra
accompanies by 76 musicians.
Because of ongoing pandemic situation in the world,
MARTH, a vocalist/composer was not present at the recording for 2 times this year.
We think this situation connected a bond between
MARTH and the CNSO orchestra in the Czech much deeper.

Now the music will be released to the whole world with messages of love,
healing, justice and oneness beyond national boundaries and languages.
CNSO (Czech National Symphony Orchestra) ‘s 76 musicians will
create love and heal the whole world with the music
performed at the historical Dvorak Hall in Prague.

Languages English subtitles. Runtime 211 minutes

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